Product of the month – August 2013 – Anastasia Lash Genius

Calling a product ‘genius’ is a big claim to live up to but I can report that the Anastasia Lash Genius (£7.50) is just that. It’s a translucent topcoat which makes any mascara instantly water-resistant, avoiding the need to buy a separate waterproof formulation for holiday, sports or rainy days, if you find any mascara that you try budges after a few hours or if you suffer from allergies.

To use, apply one or two coats of your regular mascara and let it dry, then apply this evenly on top. I’m happy to say that once on, it doesn’t clump or change the appearance of the coloured mascara underneath, instead protecting it from drying, smudging, running and flaking. The formula is really smooth and gives a lovely glossy, soft finish. I think made my lashes look very separated and a touch longer too – bonus!

My advice is make sure you just give your lashes one even coat; there’s no need to go over some lashes again, as it does have a tendency to leave white flakes once dried, if you go overboard. You’ll also need to use an eye make-up remover or cleanser that removes waterproof products.

In summary, Lash Genius makes your mascara tear, rain, sweat-proof and within reason, swim-proof too. It’s dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free.  Definitely a make-up bag equivalent of your umbrella!

Anastasia Lash Genius

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